Chambers Truss has been building trusses for the Save the Chimps chimpanzee retirement center in Fort Pierce, Florida. Safe the Chimps is a not-for-profit project dedicated to saving chimps no longer needed for research.

Full-Time Customer Service

Chambers Truss has a full-time Customer Service department. When you call Chambers Truss with a problem you will talk to a friendly (no kidding) truss expert who has no other job than to take care of that problem. Customer Service has full-time field service equipped with a portable truss press. Our Customer Service doesn’t just fix our mistakes; it is there to make your job easier. Customer Service is your gateway to the resources of Chambers Truss. Customer Service interacts with our truss design technicians, professional engineers, and our programmers, not only to correct your problem, but make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Dinosaur Brains (This is a book???)

I wish I had read this book when I was starting out in business. It could have saved me a lot of hard knocks. This is the best book I have ever read about how business really works . The book’s theory is that you and your boss are human beings who are governed by emotions (dinosaur brains). It teaches us to control our own emotions and use the emotions of others to benefit us. This is not a “get the other guy” book; it is a sober guide to business and personal success. It’s also very entertaining.

The book gives you specific examples on how to handle many different kinds of bosses. We’ve all had them:  the Workaholic, the Nit Picker, etc.

The biggest lesson of the book: Rule number one, the boss is always right. Rule number two, when the boss is wrong, see rule number one. And what to do when this isn’t true.

St Jude Catholic Church Tequesta, Florida 1992 Job # 22553

Church of Latter Day Saints

Kids see trusses fly.

Trusses donated by Chambers Truss are assembled by volunteers on the ground and flow into place. Trusses form the roof of a pavilion for Thompson Elementary School in Vero Beach Florida.

This job is unique in its design. The trusses form both roof and walls. The trusses were built in right and left halves and put together on the job site. In 1982 this was a radical concept. The picture on the right shows Henry Chambers admiring his handy work.

Arioso Community Center Port St Lucie Florida Year 1997  Job # 38643

New Horizons Health Center

Days Inn

Masonic Lodge

Maple Street Project

We helped work with the builders to keep the indigenous trees.

At Chambers we understand that the finished product is a home that will will be someone’s most important investment.

Chimp Retirement Village

Chambers Truss has been building trusses for the Save the Chimps chimpanzee retirement center in Fort Pierce Florida. Safe the Chimps is not-for-profit dedicated to saving chimps no longer need for research.