In 1985 I got sick of running missing hangers out to job sites. I looked into the problem and found out that we were putting the hangers in cardboard boxes. Then several things went wrong: the boxes weren’t getting put on the trucks; the boxes were left on the trucks; some hangers fell out of the boxes; the hangers were being stolen from the job sites; the builders were hiding the boxes of hangers and then couldn’t find them.

I put a lot of thought into the solution and came up with the idea of putting the hangers in burlap sacks and putting the sack between trusses in the truss stack. I found that recycled peanut bags were prefect for the job. Our missing hanger problem went away. The hangers were put into the trusses as they were built and could not be lost, forgotten or stolen. 

The most important result is that our customers have their hangers when they need them were they need them.