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Chambers Truss, Inc. was started by Henry and Phyllis Chambers in 1978. Henry was a truss industry pioneer. In 1960 Henry and his brother founded one of Chicago’s first truss plants, Imperial Components. The pioneering spirit that built Chambers Truss guides us today.

The company is a family owned business committed to continued growth. Chambers believes in promoting employees from within. This policy, and the company’s stability, has allowed employees to grow their careers from within Chambers own walls. Chambers Truss offers employment minutes from the Indian River Lagoon in warm and affordable St. Lucie County.

Residential and Commercial Projects

Servicing All Of Florida

Chambers Truss Customer Service

Chambers Truss has a full-time Customer Service department. When you call Chambers Truss with a problem, you will talk to a friendly (no kidding) truss expert who has no other job than to take care of that problem.

Chambers Truss Safe Truss Partnership

We at Chambers Truss have been through truss collapses. Fortunately, very few of these collapses have caused injury. Sadly, we have seen injuries and know that everyone involved would do anything to turn back time to prevent that injury. You cannot turn back time but you can prevent collapse

Chambers Truss Quality Control

Every truss Chambers Truss builds is individually inspected for quality. We know of no other truss plant that inspects every truss. Our trained inspectors follow our written quality manual. We employ Timber Products Inc as an outside quality monitor.

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