Every truss is reviewed by a truss expert before we build it. Our experts rely their own truss experience and our CUTCHECK program. Over 20 years of building trusses has taught Chambers Truss how to avoid thousands of mistakes. We put that knowledge into an artificial intelligence program called CUTCHECK. CUTCHECK is unique to Chambers Truss, developed by our programmers and truss experts. CUTCHECK applies the knowledge of many experts acquired over many years to every truss we build. Between the truss that is needed at the job site and what is cut and built in our shop there is a lot of room for error. The CUTCHECK program bridges that gap. CUTCHECK is constantly improving. As new problems are encountered the solutions are programmed into CUTCHECK.

Chambers Truss draws a very detailed truss layout. The truss layout is a product an expert truss system designer using a state of the art program to interpret the building plans. After our customer reviews the layout and truss design technician uses a truss engineering program to produce individual truss designs. The pieces that make up the truss are feed to automated saws for cutting. CUTCHECK analyzes every truss piece by piece to make sure it matched our layout and design specifications.

CUTCHECK makes life easier for our customers and staff. Chambers Truss customers have an extra assurance that their trusses will work. Our design staff knows that if a truss passes CUTCHECK it is right.