Wood is Good
The use of wood in construction not only enhances the beauty and strength of a building it helps the environment.

Trees grown for lumber make all our lives better.

Wood is a miracle product that combines beauty, strength and resilience making it an excellent material for construction. 

The Southern Yellow Pine we use is a renewable lumber grown in tree farms in North Florida and South Georgia. These 25 year trees provide animal habitat and scenic views. 

Growing 1 pound of wood uses 1.7 pound of carbon dioxide and produces 1.07 pound of oxygen. Each year the lumber grown for Chambers Truss removes 12 million pounds of greenhouse gas and makes 9 million pounds of oxygen.

Without the demand for lumber created by companies like Chambers Truss the forests that produce the lumber would not exist. Most Southern Yellow Pine is grown on private land. The owners of that land will put that land to use one way or another. We at Chambers Truss believe that growing trees for lumber benefits all of us.