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  • Happy and Safe Truss Installers
  • Trusses Properly Braced
  • No Trusses Collapse
  • Quality Buildings
The purpose of this Safe Truss Partnership is to prevent truss collapse.

We at Chambers Truss have been through truss collapses. Fortunately very few of these collapses have caused injury. Sadly we have seen injuries and know that everyone involved would do anything to turn back time to prevent that injury. You cannot turn back time but you can prevent collapse. The Safe Truss Partnership presentation is given free of charge by Chambers Truss to those who will be installing trusses. We give the Safe Truss Partnership presentation to those who will be installing trusses at high risk of collapse and as a general educational program for truss installers. We have given many of these presentations. We had learned a lot and the truss installers have learned a lot. Even if you have been setting trusses for 20 years you will learn something.

The Safe Truss Partnership presentation takes 1 to 2 hours. If you are interested in attending a Safe Truss Partnership presentation contact us.

The Safe Truss Partnership presentation consists of a review or truss basics, viewing the video “Handling, Installing & Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses” by the Wood Truss Council of America (WTCA). We will also give you “Commentary and Recommendations for Handling Installing & Bracing Metal Connected Wood Trusses -HIB-91” by the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) in both booklet and sheet form. We will discuss HIB-91. We also review “Why Trusses Collapse” by Chambers Truss. We will review HIB-91. If the presentation is for a specific job we will review the truss setting layout for that job. As you review HIB-91 you may find that there is no recommended bracing for trusses as long as yours. You may need to consult with the engineer of record for this information. You will need to be sure that the crane operator has an adequate Spreader Bar or Strongback to set your trusses. One of the purposes of the presentation is to get you thinking about these and other issues before you set the trusses.

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