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Goals of the Safe Truss Partnership

Happy & Safe Truss Installers

Properly Installed & Braced Truss


See the Safe Truss Partnership Power Point Presentation

The purpose of the SAFE TRUSS PARTNERSHIP is to establish a dialogue with and provide education to builders, framers, truss installers, crane operators, engineers, building officials, other truss plants, WTCA, and Chambers Truss employees, and others about Truss Collapse Prevention.

The SAFE TRUSS PARTNERSHIP is a presentation and meeting with truss installers and others. The presentation includes Chambers Truss and truss industry knowledge and concerns related to truss installation.

We at Chambers Truss have been through truss collapses. Fortunately very few of these collapses have caused injury. Sadly we have seen injuries and know that everyone involved would do anything to turn back time to prevent that injury.

You cannot turn back time but you can prevent truss collapse.

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