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The Chambers Truss Safety program is defined by our written Safety Manual which is part of our employee handbook. Our Safety Manual is maintained by the Safety Committee.





Safety Program overview
The Chambers Truss Safety Program contains, conforms to, but is not limited to the industry specific safety program developed by the Florida Division of Safety for Structural Wood Members (Standard Industrial Classification Code 2439). The manual is available for inspection.

The essential elements of this program include: top managementís commitment and involvement; the establishment and operation of safety committees; provisions for safety and health training; first aid procedures;  accident investigations; record keeping of injuries; workplace safety rules, policies and procedures; third party safety inspections. 

Safety Rules, Policies And Workplace Procedures are contained in the Chambers Truss Safety Manual. 

Employees of Chambers Truss must comply with the Safety Program as defined in the Chambers Truss Safety Manual.
Failure to comply may result in dismissal.

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