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Placing an Order for Trusses

3105 Oleander Avenue
Fort Pierce, Florida

In Florida: 800-551-5932

Phone : 772-465-2012

Fax : 772-465-2012

e-mail: mail@chamberstruss.com




Give us your plans and we will give you a quote. If your plans were drawn in AutoCad you can email then to us. Please send us a zip file. If you do not have a zip program click on www.winzip.com.

If you like the price contact us. To place an order we will need: a signed quote; credit credit application;  Notice of Commencement.

We then draw a truss layout setting plan. Most building departments in Southeast Florida require a truss layout for permitting.

When you receive our truss layout carefully review it, sign the fabrication agreement on the layout, return the signed copy to us.

Our scheduling department will stay in contact with you to make sure you get your trusses when you need them.  

We will build your trusses just before they are scheduled to deliver. Truss design drawings will come with the trusses. You need them to set the truss and for the building department inspection. 

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